Snapshots: Autumn at the Arboretum

Last week, I shared pics from Dallas Arboretum’s Pumpkin Village. Now that wasn’t the entirety of the park – so come take a “walk” with me to see more of the Dallas Arboretum!

Dallas Autumn at the Arboretum
I needed to capture proof that Dallas can have fall colors too!

Last year, I went to 12 Days of Christmas at the Arboretum. Basically, 12 different displays lit up and moved according to the 12 days of Christmas story. I wondered if those displays were taken in and brought out during the holidays every year…but I got my answer after seeing them out here:

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum
Looks like they’re activated only during the holidays. But we could technically enjoy this Christmas decor all day, all year!

Dallas Arboretum

This next shot is my favorite one of the day:

Dallas Arboretum
I love this tree tunnel! It looked very different when I first saw it at night. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that creepy but mysterious and intricate with its shadows.
Dallas Arboretum
This scene reminded me of St. Louis’s Forest Park. Oh Forest Park, how I miss you!
Dallas Arboretum
Don’t these flowers look so cool?! If only I knew what it was called :\
Dallas Arboretum
Koi pond
Dallas Arboretum
What’s an arboretum without taking pics of some flowers?

The arboretum seemed smaller than I remembered. We finished seeing the entire thing in less than 2 hours. Now I’ve got half the seasons down – Pumpkin Village in the fall, 12 Days of Christmas in the winter. Is there anything special that goes on in the spring?

What’s your favorite outdoor park or garden?

Thanks for reading!

Other favorite gardens: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Japanese Festival

  • That tree tunnel is so cool! Love all the lines + shadows it has.

  • Your picture of the tree tunnel is so beautiful! I love going to arboretums because all of the flowers and plants are always so beautiful! Seeing the Dallas Arboretum at Christmas sounds like a lot of fun too, especially with the 12 days of Christmas story.

    • Thank you! Seeing it during Christmas time definitely adds to the holiday cheer, especially if you have a cup of hot chocolate on hand…