Snapshots: Deep Ellum

A while ago, I took a walk around Deep Ellum and shared some snaps of the awesome murals in the neighborhood. But there were even more sites to see and places to go! Take a look:

One really interesting store was called Lula B’s. Its tag line was “cool stuff for cool people”, so obviously I had to go in!

Lula B's Deep Ellum

Lula B's Deep Ellum

Lula B's Deep Ellum

It sure had the coolest collection of junk. I wouldn’t need any of this stuff (especially not after reading the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up just a few months ago), but it was fascinating to browse. They had everything that you could imagine – clothes, furniture, decorations, knickknacks, toys…

Then Vicky and Jeremy found these really old postcards. They were written by real people! It was interesting trying to decipher their handwriting and reading about what people had to say back in the day. I wasn’t too successful there ’cause I wasn’t patient enough to decipher, but one postcard caught my attention:

Lula B's Deep Ellum
It’s from St. Louis!

Now I wouldn’t want to fill my place up with all this stuff (definitely not a pack rat anymore), but it’d be so cool if I had a friend whose house looked like this!

Lula B's Deep Ellum
I would snoop like no other! This is a warning to friends out there who have too much cool stuff!

Lula B's Deep Ellum

When I saw these animal skulls, I immediately thought of The Dainty Squid.

Lula B's Deep Ellum

I’ve been reading Kaylah’s blog for a while now, and I like how she unabashedly shares about her quirky hobbies and interests, with cleaning animal skulls being one of them.

Moving on to another store – a candy shop!

Rocket Fizz Deep Ellum

Rocket Fizz holds such a special place in my heart. I was so excited to find one here because the only one I had seen was in St. Louis. I made good memories going there for dessert with Jiwon after grabbing Korean fried rice at U City Grill every week. Haha, good ‘ol college days!

Anyway, this place has every flavor of pop you could ever imagine. But I ended up buying chocolate – I was in a candy shop, after all.

There were many more vintage shops around the area, some of which we stopped in for. This reminded me of St. Louis’s Cherokee street, which also had vintage shops galore.

Seen while wandering:

Dallas Deep Ellum Art

Dallas Deep Ellum Art
This made my nerdy heart sing <3

Dallas Deep Ellum Graffiti

Once again, I really enjoyed my time in Deep Ellum. It used to be a pretty seedy area (in the 90’s I think), but has come a long way since then. I look forward to eating my way around the neighborhood in the future!

What cool neighborhoods have you found in your city?

Thanks for reading!

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  • These photos are gorgeous. What kind of camera do you have? 🙂

  • The “Error 404: Tree Not Found” picture just made my day! Where exactly in Deep Ellum did you find that? I’m considering hunting it down.