Snapshots: Engelberg + the Swiss Alps

Get ready to see what “natural beauty” really means.

Marveled at the tranquility of the small town, Engelberg:

Engelberg Switzerland

While chilling out on the hotel balcony at night, my roommates discovered this:

Spider Web
That spider and its web was HUGE. And I totally witnessed it capture then devour its prey! Shame I didn’t have a macro lens on me…

So you shouldn’t be surprised that the first thing I did was get my camera 😀

Additional pictures from Journey Up the Swiss Alps:

Swiss Alps Mount Pilatus
Mount Pilatus

On the way up the mountain (we rode a train) I even saw a mountain goat!! But we were moving too fast so I couldn’t get a great picture. Well that’s neature, people.

Swiss Alps Mount Pilatus

In the end I didn’t expect the mountains to be so…green! I thought they’d be covered with snow. But it was the summer, after all…

On top of the mountain, there were these crazy crows just chillin and accepting food donations from tourists. They were kind of ick (I think birds in general are) so there was no way I’d offer them food, but they were interesting to watch!

Crows Swiss Alps Mount Pilatus

Don’t be surprised by the numbing heights when you go! My hands are a little sweaty just seeing this picture again…

Mount Pilatus Switzerland

World Times Lucerne Luzern

I actually went back down the mountain in two stages. First on a gondola (video sped up 4x; it wasn’t going that fast, lol):


Then midway we stopped for a toboggan ride. No pictures were allowed on the ride itself, but here’s a few from the top:

Mount Pilatus Toboggan Ride

It’s pretty self-explanatory as to why I think Switzerland was the most beautiful country of all 7 that I toured. If you disagree, why, and where would you choose instead?

Mount Pilatus Toboggan Ride

Mount Pilatus Toboggan Ride

When people asked me where was my favorite place on this trip, I always answered with Switzerland first. I unexpectedly had such a blast there, and I think my inner nature child really connected with the pristine environment. This was a surprising self-discovery, because I love big cities and thought London or Madrid would take the top. But in the end Switzerland won out and I’d love to see more of this beautiful country in the future.

Where else in Switzerland would you recommend? What other beautiful places won you over?

Thanks for reading!

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  • Wow, so so much beauty!! It’s so true that I don’t think of mountains as green either, but they look just as beautiful 🙂

    • It was a wonderful surprise! Better than freezing my butt off on the top of the mountain, haha.

  • Gorgeous shots! I’d love to visit someday to see it for myself!

  • Divine! Your post makes me want to go there.

  • Kim

    I loved Switzerland and all it’s natural beauty and mountains! I only wish I had better luck with the weather while I was there!

    • Ah perhaps try to go again? I know I would – it was my favorite country!! What was the weather like/when did you go?