Snapshots: Frankfurt

Frankfurt was a quick, one-night stop on my 30-day Europe trip. Beforehand, I read somewhere that the city was known for its futuristic skyline. I expected a super mod, high-tech looking city, and I sort of got it here…

Skyline Plaza Frankfurt Germany
Skyline Plaza Mall

I had some time before dinner to wander around the area and I eventually ended up in the futuristic-looking Skyline Plaza mall! Inside was like any other high-end shopping mall, though.

But then, I was surprised to see places like this on the way to dinner:

Römerberg Frankfurt Germany

We passed Römerberg, the historic heart of Frankfurt. Now this is what I imagined all of Germany to look like. Pretty, picturesque houses that you’d find only in small towns.

Römerberg Frankfurt Germany
Ostzeile – reconstructed timber houses lining the town square

Turns out that row of picturesque half-timbered houses are reconstructions of the original fifteenth and sixteenth-century houses. 1944 bombardments obliterated the whole historic district, including the Römerberg. I forget how WWII made lasting marks of damage on European cities (another reminder was St. Paul’s Cathedral in London). These kinds of things are truly “out of sight, out of mind” for me, living in America (so there’s another reason to travel!).

And then we crossed the Main River:

Main River Frankfurt Germany

By walking over Frankfurt’s own love lock bridge, Eiserner Steg:

Frankfurt Love Lock Bridge

Eiserner Steg Love Lock Bridge Frankfurt

Bridge Frankfurt Germany

The buildings on this side of town were still European-cute, with flowers sitting on the windowsill and all. This was a feature that I saw frequently in Europe and wished to emulate!

Frankfurt Germany Flowers

A bit more walking and we arrived for dinner at Dauth Schneider.

Dauth Schneider Frankfurt Germany
Isn’t this place cute?!

I won’t elaborate on dinner because you can read all about my experience with German food in this blog post!

On the way back, I felt lucky to catch the sun set over the city.

Sachsenhausen Frankfurt Germany

The highlight was seeing the “futuristic skyline” from Eiserner Steg bridge on the way back:

Eiserner Steg Bridge Sunset Frankfurt Germany

Frankfurt Germany skyline sunset
Yes!! I live for views like these!

I was so glad that I got to see the skyline in person. All those Google images looked promising, but…

Eiserner Steg Bridge Frankfurt Germany

…nothing beats the real experience.

Passed by Römerberg Square, again:

Alte Nikolaikirche Church Römerberg Square Frankfurt Germany
Alte Nikolaikirche gothic church

The number of beautiful churches and cathedrals standing in Europe never fails to amaze me. Alte Nikolaikirche (above) is a small early Gothic church which was built as early as in the eleventh century.

Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen Römerberg Square Frankfurt Germany
Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Fountain of Justice)

It also turns out that scores of Holy Roman Emperors celebrated their coronations in this square. In 1612 at the coronation of Matthias, that fountain even ran with wine!

Frankfurt Germany

The only downside was that this trip through Germany was too quick. Ideally, I’d like to see more of this country – especially Berlin. But I also know that a bunch of small German towns are equally appealing… So! Where would you go, big city or small town?

Have you been to Germany? Frankfurt? What were your favorite things to see & do?

Thanks for reading!

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  • I’ve never been to Frankfurt (only in transit), but I recently went to Berlin and I definitely want to go back. As always, nice photos!

    • Ooh, how did you like Berlin? That and Munich are my top two German cities to visit. Thanks!

      • I really loved it! The weather was perfect and I loved exploring with a bike. 🙂

  • Love the contrast of old and new in Frankfurt! I’ve never been to that part of Germany but the company I work for has an office there and also manages a few more buildings in the city. It’s supposed to be the financial hub of Europe and I can kind of see it with all the tall buildings, etc. But my favorite part would be Romerberg! Totally what I think of when I think of Germany 🙂

    • Ah yes, it is a huge financial district, so I was quite pleased to have stumbled upon Romerberg. Perhaps you’ll get to go there for a business trip or something!

  • I love that there’s the skyscrapers of today’s world mixed in with the old, completely German buildings in Romerberg! It helps to remind you how much history there is in Europe.

    • That was a surprising feature that I really liked about Frankfurt too! And yes, everywhere I go in Europe I’m reminded of how much older it is than the U.S.

  • Kim

    Frankfurt always reminds me of Heidi 😛
    I love all the outdoor cafes and restaurants in Europe! There’s something so irresistibly charming about them!

    • Lol I’ve actually never watched Heidi…
      Indeed, and they’re always decorated so well, whether it be fresh flowers or lights!

  • My memories of a business trip to Frankfurt is pretty blurry. All I could think of is the broasted pork leg and a huge pint of fresh beer and the Messe Frankfurt of course. Your post and photos make me want to return.

    • Huh, I actually had no idea what the Messe Frankfurt was until you mentioned it. The food was truly unforgettable though, like you said! Thanks for visiting – I’m glad to hear that you’ve been inspired.

  • Stunning photos! I have neve seen so many great shots of Frankfurt!

    I live in Munich, hope you can come and visit the city someday 😀

    Thank you so much for joining #MondayEscapes

    • Thank you! I’d love to see Munich. What are your favorite things about it?

      • You’re welcome Jessica 😀
        I love all the parks in Munich, especially the Englischer Garten and Nymphenburg. The center city and the biergartens too hahaha 😀
        I hope you visit it sometime!