Snapshots: London

At last, wrapping up my series of London posts with various snaps from around the city! Here’s a bunch of “in-between” moments from my three days in London:

London Red Bus
Had to snap a picture of the iconic red London bus!
Union Jack Flag
Union Jack

On my way to King’s Cross and saw this gorgeous building. I think it turned out to be a hotel? Insaaane.


London Red Telephone Booth

After getting lost a couple of times (darn you, construction), finally found King’s Cross:

King's Cross Station London
*jaw drops* – my initial reaction

And here’s the fun part:

Who else is a fellow Ravenclaw?? 🙂

Random pictures taken from on the bus:

London Caffe Concerto

Salieri London

The Royal Courts of Justice London

Driving around Trafalgar Square:

National Gallery London

Trafalgar Square London

Trafalgar Square London

I realized it was much harder to take good pictures in a moving vehicle, so I gave up in the cities thereafter :\

Hopped out of the bus to take a closer look at St. Paul’s Cathedral, one of the most famous sights in London:

St. Paul's Cathedral London
Designed by Sir Christopher Wren

The sturdy thing even survived World War II…

St. Paul's Cathedral London

On my way to cross the pedestrian-only Millennium Bridge:

Millennium Bridge London

City of London School
Where Daniel Radcliffe went to school!

Oh yeah, and if you look down closely while crossing, you may find some gum art by Ben Wilson under your feet:

Millennium Bridge Gum Art

St. Paul's Cathedral Millennium Bridge London

And if the bridge looks familiar but you don’t know why, this might jog your memory:

#sorrynotsorry for all the Harry Potter references!

London Bridge
Another famous bridge. Goodness, London is full of these famous bridges.

Ate some fish & chips (though pretty much everything I ate in London was fried):

Even more pictures from the time I went on the London Eye:

London Eye Sunset

London Lions

Back in the ‘hood:

Hyde Park Neighborhood London
Bye, Hyde Park!

Looking back, I’m surprised by (and proud of) how much I squeezed into my few days in London. You can read about these ventures under the “London” tag. Now that I’ve gotten the touristy stuff out of the way, I’d love to visit again to see what else London offers! If not for the crazy high cost of living, I would seriously consider moving there one day 😉

Have you been to London? Did you recognize any of the places in these pictures? What are your favorite things in the city?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Don’t forget about Oxford and Stonehenge

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  • You captured so many of my favorite spots in Lomdon!!! Absolutely beautiful pictures!!

    • Thank you! What are your favorite spots?

      • I love St. Paul’s and the banks of the Thames across from Parlaiment. I also love Tower Bridge and the are around the Tower of London! I enjoyed Portabello Market and the Sunday morning art market outside Hyde Park on the Bayswater road side!!

  • Cute shots – you managed to see lots! Bus shots are a total art form 🙂

    • Thanks! Oh yes, that’s something that I’ve quickly come to realize. Cell phone pictures are actually pretty decent in those cases.

  • what a gorgeous city!! those architectures! i would be opening my mouth all the while walking around hahaha

  • Ahh one of my favorite cities ever! LOL and kudos to whoever is holding your scarf in the Platform 9 3/4 pictures! 🙂

    • After visiting, I must say that it was one of my favorite cities too! Of course, a little magic helped with the levitating scarf. 🙂

  • Kim

    That’s a hotel?! I thought it was a cathedral or a palace of some sorts?! It has the same white and orange stripes as the Westminster Cathedral.

    • After you brought it up, I was curious to find out and thanks to Google maps, discovered that it is St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. What it must be like to stay there for a night!

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