Snapshots: Night Visions

I took the following photos after watching the LNYF fireworks show on campus about a week ago. As I was heading back home, I realized: when else am I going to tote around a tripod at night on campus? Definitely not in the near future… So I seized the opportune moment and captured a few nighttime beauties to remember my school by:

WUSTL Olin Library at Night
My home away from home, also known as the library.
WUSTL Graham Chapel at Night
The chapel where I saw John Legend, Joseph Gordon Levitt, “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua, and Mary Lambert.

WUSTL Olin Library at Night
My personal fave shot from the night.
WUSTL Bauer at Night
“New b-school.”
WUSTL Law School at Night
The library in here is gorgeous!

I’ve been pretty excited to take nighttime photos recently. Though my tripod sat in the corner for many weeks after I first bought it, I’ve slowly become more inclined to use it after seeing the results it can produce. As always, I’d like to hear your tips and tricks for better nighttime photography?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Other times when I’ve used my tripod for nighttime shoots: St. Louis Zoo Wild LightsField of Light, Evening Stroll Along San Antonio’s Riverwalk