Snapshots: Paris

So this post concludes my Paris series! And to think, this was only the second city on my 30-day tour. At this rate, I might be blogging about this trip for the rest of the year (try not to feel too jealous)!

Here are a bunch of outtakes and random snapshots from my three days in Paris:

Walking towards the Eiffel Tower, where I later caught a beautiful view of Paris at night.

Eiffel Tower Paris

Before that, I witnessed the sunset on the Seine River.

Seine River Cruise Paris France

The next day I learned how perfume was made at Fragonard perfume museum:

fragonard museum

Fragonard Perfume Museum Paris

I remembered nothing about their perfume-making secrets, so their business will still be standing for a few more years.

Fragonard Perfume Museum Paris

And they got me – I ended up buying one of those little bottles of perfume. How could I not when I was in the country famous for that industry? (this sort of thinking gets me into a lot of trouble when I’m shopping while traveling)

Briefly passed by the beautiful opera house Palais Garnier:

Palais Garnier Paris Opera House
I just found out that it was the setting for The Phantom of the Opera! Dang, now I wish I went inside.

Saw this random, yet pretty, greenhouse when I got out of a metro station (I don’t remember which).

Greenhouse Paris France

Admired the view by the Seine River near Notre Dame Cathedral.

Seine River Paris France

Walked along Champs de Elysees after going up the Arc de Triomphe and found this little piece of heaven:

La Creperie des Champs Elysees Paris
Rum, rum & raisin ice cream, and banana crepe. Yussss.

Not the cheapest crepe (it was like 12 euros…), but at least I got the whole French “creperie” experience out of it.

La Creperie des Champs Elysees
La Creperie des Champs Elysees

And then I was on my way to Montmarte, which ended being one of my favorite places in Paris!

Montmartre Paris
It was an artsy neighborhood, indeed.
Graffiti Montmartre
This amused me to no end
Dreaming of what it’d be like to live in this neighborhood

Before leaving the city, I had one more thing to do…get macaroons from Laduree!

Laduree Macarons Paris
Bonus that the colors matched my phone case!!

Exploring Paris this second time around was so much more fun for me, probably because I could go and see whatever I wanted without a chaperone, lol. But after seeing numerous pics from various blogs and Instagram, I know there’s still so much of the city left that I’d love to see – bonsoir Paris, until next time!

Have you been to Paris? What are your favorite neighborhoods, restaurants, parks, or sights in the city?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Check out my other blog posts on this beautiful city here. And don’t forget about Versailles!

  • Such gorgeous photos! Paris is so photogenic and I never get bored of seeing photos of the city 🙂 I especially love the sunset photo, and that delicious looking crepe, yum!

    • Thank you! I love looking at other people’s pics of Paris because as you said, it is so photogenic. I’d have a field day taking photos if I lived there.

  • Oh girl. I miss Paris so much and you’re putting salt on the wound! haha! I love that second-to-last photo of you strolling the streets. Gorgeous.

    • I know how that feels, haha! Which is why I sometimes go back to my old posts and reminisce -__- Thank you!

  • Kim

    It’s soooo hard to walk out of a perfume store when there are such great scents to be had! Luckily perfume usually lasts forever as long as you don’t keep it next to a window exposed to sunlight 😉

    • Right?! Except I rarely use perfume. I have an entire shoebox of various perfume sitting in my closet…

  • Oh Paris! Gorgeous! Looks like you had a whirlwind visit! You saw all the important things – and then some!