Snapshots: Last of St. Louis

A bunch of rando snapshots taken during Senior Week (aka the week before seniors graduate) in St. Louis:

Downtown St. Louis
Downtown St. Louis

Passing through Citygarden – see more pics of our “urban oasis” in this post from last fall.

Citygarden St. Louis during Sunset

Citygarden St. Louis during Sunset

My first Cardinals game (also mentioned in Saying Goodbye to St. Louis: Gateway Arch)! Never seen so many people congregated in St. Louis.

Cardinals Game St. Louis

Outtakes from spending a rainy afternoon in the St. Louis Art Museum:

Greek Statue St. Louis Art Museum

St. Louis Art Museum
Stairs to the third floor
Furniture St. Louis Art Museum
Furniture through the ages

Other sculptures seen at Laumeier Sculpture Park (read full post here):

Metal Tree Laumeier Sculpture Park

Mother cat

Ever since I told my brother about the playful seals in the St. Louis Zoo three years ago, he’s been wanting to see them. Finally, his wish has come true.

I love playing with the seals (well, just this one seal)! This is the reason why I visit so often, rain/shine/or finals week. The last one especially calls for a pick-me-up zoo trip.
They turned out to be my brother’s favorite too.
Petting sting rays! Would never have thought that they’d feel smooth and squishy!

Now there goes my last post on St. Louis for a long time. I don’t even know where I’m going to be (in the long term) next, but I look forward to what awaits. One thing is for sure – no matter where I go, I’ll have to visit St. Louis from time to time. After living there for four years, a part of me will always call it “home.”

Have you ever been to St. Louis? If not, would you visit?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. See allll of my posts on St. Louis here!

  • I love all these photos! I just now found your blog, but I can already tell I’m going to like it. 😀 Gonna go check out a few more posts now!!!

    • Hi Kelly, thanks for checking out my little corner!! I hope you enjoy what you see and come back for more. Have a great day~

  • oooooh amazing photos as always, AND SEALS! these were more cooperative than the ones I saw in Valencia, haha,, they posted for a photo, NICE! I want to travel with you Jessica!!!!!
    wishing you an awesome day , xx
    Dana |

    • Thank you!
      Oh the seals, my favorite seals – only one of them was super playful. A couple was sliding their plastic bag back and forth and the seal followed it the entire time!
      Well, I will be traveling around Europe next month…any recommendations for when I’m in Barcelona?!

  • Kim

    Ooh nice starburst in that 2nd photo! I love seeing seals and otters in aquariums. Sometimes I feel bad for them having to put up with all us humans crowding around them, but these days a lot of them are born in the zoo and have low rates of surviving in the wild I hear. Life of Pi (though I never managed to finish the book) also had an interesting perspective saying, animals like having a routine and that in the wild they would have to deal with all the stress of being eaten and finding food. Anyway, I’ll move on before I get carried away.. 😛

    • Thank, Kim! That was a total accident haha.
      I’ve always been wanting to read Life of Pi. I started it, but didn’t get past the first few pages – I’ll have to wait until I’m in the mood I guess. Interesting point that you brought up, though!

      • Kim

        Yeah, the very first time I read it I couldn’t get past the first few pages either. This year I tried to read more before watching the movie….but I gave up and just watched the movie lol

  • Robyn

    The shots with the seals are just fantastic! What camera do you use? Brilliantly clear photos!