Snapshots: Verona + Cavallino

All in all, I was pretty lucky with weather the entire month I was in Europe – except for one day when we were driving to Verona. I didn’t get to see much of the city because of the torrential downpour, but on my quick lunch break here’s what I encountered:

Romeo Juliet Balcony Verona Italy
The supposed balcony where Juliet called out to Romeo. Please do not get this story confused with that of Rapunzel, as some people on the tour did…

Juliet Statue Verona

This statue of Juliet outside the balcony has been uh, violated one too many times. You’re supposed to rub her arm for good luck, but visitors were eager to lay their hands elsewhere…

Despite the rain, the place was still so darn crowded so I bounced outta there ASAP. In my search for a decent lunch, I kind of failed because I wandered into a very touristy area where everything was overpriced (as expected). But I had no choice than to sit down and eat before the bus left!

Scallop Pasta Verona
Behold – my first meal in Italy (scallop pasta)

I had extremely high expectations for the meals in Italy. After eating only meat and potatoes for a couple of weeks, I was eager for some fiiine cuisine. On top of that, Italian is one of my favorite kinds of food, so I was ready to treat myself. However, that first meal was kind of “eh.” It wasn’t so good I could die. So if you have suggestions for superb food in Verona, let ’em at me!

Took advantage of a rainless moment

One of the things I did see up close was Verona’s arena, where a bunch of us hid under from the rain. As in all amphitheaters, famous gladiator fights and hunts for exotic animals once took place there. Now, the arena is (thankfully) used for musical concerts where artists like Madonna and Alicia Keys have performed.

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That afternoon, we arrived in the beach town of Cavallino outside Venice. “Insider” tip: it’s way cheaper to stay in a town near Venice than in Venice itself, so that’s exactly what we did. Best thing was, our hotel was right by the beach!

Cavallino Beach Venice Italy
Adriatic Sea

The water was definitely too cold to swim in, but it was nice to breathe in the raw, salty air after a good rain.

Cavallino Beach Venice Italy

The next day’s weather drastically changed to sunny and warm, so back to the beach I went!

Jumping on the Swiss Alps? Check. With the leaning tower of Pisa? Check. Now on the beach outside Venice? Check!!!

You may tell by now that I like my jumping pics, hehe…

I ended that night with the best meal I had in all of Italy, a seafood tagliatelle pasta with white wine in a restaurant across from my hotel (Ristorante Sole Mare Di Maurizio Passadore <– I had to Google that).

Seafood Tagliatelle Pasta

Man, I still drool when I think of that meal. Take full advantage of the fresh seafood in those parts while you can, people! Speaking of the area, be sure to stay tuned for the next couple of posts – we’re going back to Venice!

Have you been to Verona before? Since I didn’t see a whole lot of it, I don’t know whether it’s a city worth returning to. What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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  • We were in Verona in July. We had a wonderful picnic along the River Adige which we bought at a gourmet food emporium called “Eat’s.” Freshly baked focaccia, local cheese and ham, gourmet yogurt and a yummy piece of cake. To die for! There’s a post on my blog if you want to see it. XOX B.

  • I didn’t have time to head to Verona on my last trip to Italy. That seafood pasta looks absolutely divine! Looking forward to your Venice photos. I quite liked Venice and would love to read about your thoughts.

    Nat | Dignifiable

  • Never been to Verona, the architecture is just beautiful. What a funny picture of the statue. The seafood pasta in Italy is the best. I tried searching for the same taste elsewhere in Italian restaurants from other countries and sadly, they’re just not the same, not even close.

    • That makes me sad, lol. The Italian back home is definitely a far cry from the delicious food that I had in Italy. What was your favorite Italian dish?

      • There was this place in the middle of nowhere in Milan where a colleague took us and I had the best seafood pasta that blew my mind.

  • Kim

    Oooh, I didn’t realize Romeo & Juliet was set in Italy. It looks like a lovely place will all the ivy on the wall. Sad that all these tourists are violating her!

    • Yep, and in addition to the ivy were lots of love notes that tourists wrote and stuck up on there. I didn’t bother with the crowd and the rain!

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