Spending Black Friday in Dallas Museum of Art

April and I found out that the Dallas Museum of Art was open on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so that became our choice hang-out destination (especially on a cold, rainy day). Apparently museums are most busy the day after Thanksgiving because they’re the only places open besides shops! I’d imagine that this popularity spike would apply only to American museums though. I found some new pieces since the last time I went 2 years ago:

Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art

I was a fan of The American Art section. All the paintings were really nice, to sum it up. My favorite was a painting by William Lester called “The Three Crosses.” It depicted The Crucifixion from the New Testament but the landscape was obviously Texas. I like that kind of sardonic irony.


Oooh and above was another one of my favorite paintings. Called “The Iceberg” by Frederic Edwin Church, the seemingly soothing landscape depicted anything but a peaceful scene. Instead, we see a shipwreck! But since I like landscapes, paintings, and pretty colors overall, this painting greatly appealed to me.

Dallas Museum of Art
If I had a mansion, all three of these pieces would be in there.

Next, we wandered into the Furniture gallery. I really liked it with all its quirky furniture.

Dallas Museum of Art - Easy Edges Chair

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the chair was really made out of corrugated cardboard!

Dallas Museum of Art - Easy Edges Chair

Which made me really curious to see if it’d hold up if someone sat on it… I guess I’ll never know unless I buy its mini replica available in the gift shop. :O

Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art
“Veryround chair”

The lace-like details and shadows on the Veryround chair above almost looked like a paper-cut snowflake. Except it was made of steel (can you believe it?). It reminded me of another piece of art – “Lace Meander” by Piper Shepard – that I saw in the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

And oh the panda chair!

Dallas Museum of Art
Banquette Chair with Pandas, Where are you Edison…?

I’m not exactly sure what kind of statement it’s trying to make – criticizing furniture made with prized fur? This actually reminds me of last summer when I talked to a fellow construction project management intern and learned that one of the couches in the apartment he was working on was made of some kind of fur (forgot what type) and cost – get this – $.5 million. What the hell.

Also, that lightbulb on the lamp was a hologram. It changed colors depending on where you stood!

Dallas Museum of Art - Miss Blanche
“Miss Blanche” – Shiro Kuramata

This chair was so, so pretty. I loved its “floating” roses. The origins of the work was also really interesting: it’s from A Streetcar Named Desire where Vivien Leigh’s character in the movie, Blanche DuBois, wears a corsage of roses. I felt quite proud of myself for getting that reference. Thank you, AP English.

Dallas Museum of Art

There was this one corner on the second floor with two chairs facing the window. April and I took advantage of it and sat there for some time, looking outside. I think when you reach a certain age you can do that type of thing with your friends and be content. Gee, I’m getting old…

View outside Dallas Museum of Art
Looking out and spotting my favorite cathedral. It was also spotted in my post A Quick Tour of Downtown Dallas

We made one last round before peacing out. I forgot what gallery it was, but the stuff in there seemed kind of temporary. Most of them were not on view. Except for this vanity made of solid silver and weighed a ton:

Dallas Museum of Art

Tucked away in an adjacent room was a restoration studio where we could see paintings in the process of being restored. NOW I GET IT. I was always under the impression that the paintings in museums always looked that way, never thinking about the wear and tear it must’ve gone through before coming into the museum. Basically they’ve all had face-lifts. My illusion of these “perfect,” untouchable paintings is shattered!

Logistical Details:
Admission: FREE (permanent exhibits)
Parking: $10
Website: https://www.dma.org/

Have you been here before? What’s your favorite museum in Dallas?

Thanks for reading!

  • “The Iceberg” is one of my favourite paintings at the Dallas Museum of Art as well! When I first saw it, I wished I was part of the icescape, but then I noticed the shipwreck and my perspective of the painting shifted (I love that the shipwreck isn’t the main focus – it just adds to the eeriness). I don’t remember the “Three Crosses” but your description makes me want to go back and visit and check it out!

    • Whoa, so neat to know that someone else has seen it/likes it too! What other galleries do you like at the DMA? Oh yes you could definitely go back and check it out or just Google it 🙂

      • The European Art galleries. I love their collection of 17th century and early 18th century European oil paintings. They are simply gorgeous and incredibly detailed!

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