St. Louis Art Fair

For the second year in a row, I attended St. Louis’s annual art fair on Sept. 7. To my surprise, the fair went beyond the St. Louis community, and artists from all over (New York, North Carolina, Minnesota) were present.

St. Louis art fair 2014
I legitimately did not notice that woman bending over when I took this picture. Awks…

Photocred: Brolivia

It was fun walking from booth to booth and seeing all the artists’ best works on display. Below, I’ll share some of my favorites and ones that were really intriguing.

st louis art fair Betsy Youngquist
Artist: Betsy Youngquist

I thought the one above was just plain weird. Doll heads were attached to various animal bodies that were then covered with beads. Though the “dolls” were really weird and somewhat creepy, the beads and colors sure were beautiful.

I really enjoyed the various glasswork in the fair. This booth’s display was impeccable:

st louis art fair glass vase
Pretty colors…don’t you want all of them now?! Artist: Delish Glass

The pieces in this booth reminded me of carnivorous plants, like venus fly traps and pitcher plants.

richard ryan st louis art fair
Close-up of a piece by Richard Ryan.

Admiring more glasswork:

“Candid” photo by Brolivia.
glass art st louis fair
Forgot to write down the artist on this one. Let me know?

The coolest kinds of art in my book are ones that go beyond sight, where we can also touch and interact with the piece. This “kinetic sculpture” by Jeffrey Zachmann fit the bill and amused many fair-goers, including me.

kinetic sculpture st louis art fair
Watch it go!

kinetic sculpture

kinetic sculpture physics art
Also, my inner geek is rejoicing at the physics of this thing.

The following booth was my favorite one of all:

jenny mendes art stl fair
Artist: Jenny Mendes

The art is a little wonky, very colorful, and really cute without being like Hello Kitty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m appreciate my Hello Kitty, but these pieces are a bit more “real” to me and lose the sense of girly innocence.

panda sculpture rabbit stl art fair

The artist Jenny Mendes was also really nice and let me take pictures of her and her work.

Jenny Mendes art stl fair
Artist at work.
Jenny Mendes art stl fair

This year we visited the art fair during the day (as opposed to at night last year) so I’m glad that the photos I took were visible. But no matter when you go, you can be sure to find cool pieces of art in this fair. Perhaps I’ll come back again when I make those 6 digit figures to actually buy a piece! 😛

Photocred: Brolivia
Photocred: Brolivia

Thanks for reading!

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