Tacolandia – A Taco Lover’s Paradise

Going to Tacolandia last weekend was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. For 16 bucks, I could have (technically) eaten unlimited amounts of sample-sized tacos from 27 different vendors. However, I was forced to limit my intake to only 10 because many of the booths ran out of tacos in the end. About halfway through, I was very glad that I wore bottoms with a stretchy waistband.

Tacolandia 2015

After practically inhaling my first taco from Fuzzy’s, I immediately gave up my goal to take pics of all the tacos I’d eat. Later, I managed to take a few shots with my phone when I slowed the heck down. Too many tacos, so little time!

This was a very good idea. #tacolandiadal #tacolandia #tacolandia2015 #tacosfordays #dallas #dallasite #8andcounting

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Christina and I had a pretty good system going – get taco, then eat taco while standing in line for another taco. As expected, most of our time was spent waiting. However, that turned out to be a good thing, or else there would’ve been no way I could’ve stuffed in 10 tacos without barfing!

Dallas Tacolandia Mariachi
Good thing there was a mariachi band to entertain us as we waited in line.

I enjoyed seeing the variety of taco booths, though I didn’t like the taste of all the peculiar-tasting tacos that I tried. The ones that I did not like were Velvet Taco’s Indian flavored taco and Taco Diner’s chicken and waffles taco. Somehow, Taco Diner won some award (we got to vote for our favorite taco joint). That should’ve gone to Urban Taco or Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in my opinion.

Dallas Tacolandia 2015

Dallas Tacolandia 2015
Velvet Taco – looked good, tasted bad. This was one Asian-Mexican fusion that did not work. If you want a good fusion, check out my beloved Seoul Taco!!
Taco Diner Tacolandia 2015
Taco Diner’s chicken and waffles taco. Imagine orange chicken covered in cold queso wrapped in a tortilla. Yeah, that’s what it was like. Disappointing.
Dallas Tacolandia 2015
There was even taco-flavored cheesecake (in that little cup). YUCK. Cheesecake is meant to be sweet!
Urban Taco Dallas Tacolandia 2015
One of my favorites – Urban Taco. The way they carmelized/cooked their meat with onions reminded me of the way we’d braise our meat at home, Chinese-style!

Another fun part about Tacolandia was people-watching, or spotting the super tacofanatics.

Dallas Tacolandia 2015

I saw not one, but TWO people wearing a taco costume. I wonder if they happened to have that stashed away in the back of their closet (ready to whip out for cases like this), or did they go out and buy a taco suit just for this event? Either way, that’s some dedication right there.

There from opening til closing. We have a one-track mind when it comes to tacos!

Over all, I was super pleased with this event. When they said “sample-sized tacos,” I thought they meant bite-sized taco pieces. So you can only imagine my surprised satisfaction upon finding these legit, slightly smaller-than-normal-sized tacos! Each one had alllll the works! The only thing I’d suggest for next year is: please, for the love of God, be prepared with more tacos! One can only take so much disappointment from having to disperse from line after finding out that a booth ran out. LET THERE BE TACOS!

Dallas Tacolandia 2015
Double the treat – catching a purty sunset at Dallas City Hall as the event wrapped up

What’s your favorite kind of taco, and at which taco joint? Did you go to Tacolandia and have a favorite (that’s possibly different from mine, how dare you)? Share in the comments below!

Cost: $16 (thanks to Groupon)
Where: Dallas City Hall Plaza
Website: http://microapp.dallasobserver.com/tacolandia/2015/

Thanks for reading!

  • Oh wow, this sounds like an incredible foodie event – I love the diversity of taco flavours, though I don’t think I’d go as far as wearing that costume, haha! My favourite is probably with plantain – so good!!

  • Tacolandia sounds like paradise! I can’t imagine legit all you can eat tacos for only $16! It looks like y’all had a blast, even if some of the flavored were a bust.

    • You’re absolutely right, it was paradise on earth 🙂 Totally worth the money, so I’d suggest going if you’re ever in town when it happens again next year.

  • Yum! These look delicious!

  • Kim

    Omg that sounds like my kinda event! Getting to taste all those different types of tacos for a fixed price? Yes puh-leaze! I just tweeted Seoul Taco to see if they have a location in Seoul lol 😛

    • Let me know if Seoul Taco actually does! I think they started in St. Louis though, but perhaps they can expand to the homeland. Haha!

  • Why is there no Tacolandia event near me?! It looks and sounds like perfection! Seriously craving some tacos, now 🙂

    • It was the first time it happened here in Dallas! Good thing I was in the right place at the right time 😉 What’s your favorite taco joint?

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