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  • The Pantheon

    The Pantheon

    Whoa, seems like it has been a while since I’ve written on the blog, but it was only four days! In that time, I’ve gone through some pretty big, exciting life changes that I may eventually share. But for now, let’s journey back into the past and see some more ancient Roman architecture, huh? When […]

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  • Ancient Ruins: Roman Forum

    The Roman forum was a very strange place to stand in. How could something that looks like this once been the social, religious, and political center of ancient Rome? It required a bit of imagination to picture the square as the hustling and bustling city center that it used to be. For centuries, this marketplace was the […]

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  • Snapshots: Venice

    So this concludes my series of posts on Venice! Come explore more of this beautiful little city with me: Our guide showed us a “hidden” gem in the city, Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo – a small palace that was one of the homes of the Contarini family. Well, wouldn’t I like a “small palace” some day… Just […]

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  • A City on Water: the Canals of Venice

    A City on Water: the Canals of Venice

    Venice is world-renowned as the “floating city” or “city on water” with its signature waterways and canals. Naturally, I took many photos of these canals in my one short day there, enough pictures to command its own post! Won’t you come admire the canals of Venice with me? Now seeing this was super exciting to me: That white bridge is the […]