• Texas
  • Plano Balloon Festival

    Ah, so this post is coming in a little late since the Plano Balloon Festival was a couple weekends ago. I’m trying to figure out a more consistent posting schedule around my new job (!!!), but until then, better late than never, right? This was my second hot air balloon festival, with the first one being in St. Louis […]

  • Food & Drink
  • Truck Yard

    It doesn’t get more Texan than this, y’all. As one last summer hurrah, I wanted to check out this cool place I heard about – Truck Yard. Described as “come-as-you-are beer garden & adult playground,” I was excited to try the food truck cuisine and see what the place looked like! Behold, the yard: It was a very unique space. The […]

  • Monthly Recaps
  • May ’15 in Review

    Upon reflecting on this month, I could not believe that so much has happened and changed. Started off with the stress of finals, then a week of carefree fun with my fellow seniors, to bittersweet goodbyes during graduation and now, living in the quiet of home. Here’s my journey this month from St. Louis and back to Dallas: Cinco de […]