• Germany
  • Snapshots: Frankfurt

    Frankfurt was a quick, one-night stop on my 30-day Europe trip. Beforehand, I read somewhere that the city was known for its futuristic skyline. I expected a super mod, high-tech looking city, and I sort of got it here… I had some time before dinner to wander around the area and I eventually ended up in the futuristic-looking Skyline Plaza mall! […]

  • Food & Drink
  • A Taste of Germany

    Guten tag, y’all! So I was in Frankfurt, Germany for literally one night yesterday. Given such little time, what way to best experience Germany than through its cuisine?! So here’s my second time eating German food, ever (the first time was in Solvang, California, surprisingly…which was actually a little Dutch town). I was recommended to try schnitzel […]