• Missouri
  • A Polar Escape

    Last week, I went back to visit St. Louis. It was super awesome and great to see everybody – and to revisit one of my favorite haunts, the St. Louis Zoo. Best part was seeing its newest member, a polar bear (that joined the zoo right after I left STL…sigh). Check it out! This guy […]

  • Monthly Recaps
  • May ’15 in Review

    Upon reflecting on this month, I could not believe that so much has happened and changed. Started off with the stress of finals, then a week of carefree fun with my fellow seniors, to bittersweet goodbyes during graduation and now, living in the quiet of home. Here’s my journey this month from St. Louis and back to Dallas: Cinco de […]

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  • Snapshots: Last of St. Louis

    A bunch of rando snapshots taken during Senior Week (aka the week before seniors graduate) in St. Louis: Passing through Citygarden – see more pics of our “urban oasis” in this post from last fall. My first Cardinals game (also mentioned in Saying Goodbye to St. Louis: Gateway Arch)! Never seen so many people congregated in […]

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  • Laumeier Sculpture Park Trails

    The name “Laumeier Sculpture Park” may seem familiar to some long-term readers…well this is because I visited the park already last fall! Tiff, Chad, and I took a quick look around the grounds because we were on a time-crunch. I liked the place so much that I wished to return again when the weather was nicer. Well, lucky […]