• Food & Drink
  • Truck Yard

    It doesn’t get more Texan than this, y’all. As one last summer hurrah, I wanted to check out this cool place I heard about – Truck Yard. Described as “come-as-you-are beer garden & adult playground,” I was excited to try the food truck cuisine and see what the place looked like! Behold, the yard: It was a very unique space. The […]

  • France
  • Montmartre

    I am so excited to share pictures from my wanderings in the Montmartre district of Paris! It was one of my favorite moments from Paris. The corner cafes, fresh fruit stands, little art shops, and rows of colorful houses made me feel like I was walking around a Paris frozen in time. Gone were the kitschy tourist stores and […]

  • Missouri
  • Cinco de Mayo on Cherokee Street

    Since visiting Cherokee Street for the first time, I never would’ve thought that I’d be back for their biggest event of the year – Cinco de Mayo celebration! Thanks to some persuasion from Kara, I ended checking out the festivities last Saturday instead of studying for finals…and I don’t regret that decision one bit. It […]

  • Missouri
  • Cherokee Street

    Last weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to explore another one of St. Louis’s neighborhoods, Cherokee Street. It’s mostly known for its superb Mexican food (which was true – Taquiera El Bronco‘s tacos were just as good as the ones back home in Texas), but the street also had a ton of neat boutiques and antique stores.