• Netherlands
  • Museumplein

    On my biking tour of Amsterdam I passed Museumplein, the square that is home to three major museums in Amsterdam, and made a mental note to check it out later. Well…my ulterior motive was to get a picture with the “I amsterdam” sign located in the square! But I found so much more: I first approached Rijksmuseum upon arrival. It is […]

  • Missouri
  • Snapshots: Last of St. Louis

    A bunch of rando snapshots taken during Senior Week (aka the week before seniors graduate) in St. Louis: Passing through Citygarden – see more pics of our “urban oasis” in this post from last fall. My first Cardinals game (also mentioned in Saying Goodbye to St. Louis: Gateway Arch)! Never seen so many people congregated in […]

  • Missouri
  • Kemper Art Museum (Vault Party)

    In all my four years of schooling, I’ve only stepped into the Kemper Art Museum on campus twice. First was when the WǑMEN (我们): CONTEMPORARY CHINESE ART exhibit came along two years ago. More recently, several pieces from the museum’s vault were temporarily on display to the public (hence, vault party). Fun fact I learned from my […]

  • Missouri
  • Citygarden

    It’s exactly what it sounds like – a garden in the middle of a city! Only this is a sculpture garden, and one particular sculpture drew the attention of my friend who really, really wanted to go “see the bunnies,” aka large, white, marshmallow-looking rabbit statues: