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  • Snapshots: London

    At last, wrapping up my series of London posts with various snaps from around the city! Here’s a bunch of “in-between” moments from my three days in London: On my way to King’s Cross and saw this gorgeous building. I think it turned out to be a hotel? Insaaane. After getting lost a couple of times […]

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  • Stonehenge

    So here are some pictures of what may be the most famous pile of stones in the world – Stonehenge. Well, famous to a certain extent, anyway. When I sent my dad this selfie, he texted back “what’s that.” Sigh. Figuring out the mysteries of Stonehenge 😏 #Stonehenge #notstonehedge #oldrocks #Europe #efcb #travel #wondermentary A photo […]

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  • Inside the University of Oxford

    A visit to Oxford is incomplete without visiting the university that lent the city’s name so much fame. Oxford was not always a nice, little college town, however; there have always been tensions between the town vs. gown ever since the university was founded. Essentially, the townspeople hated the college kids who came and disrupted their peace. […]