Taste of Times Square

In June, Times Square hosted a huge food festival called the Taste of Times Square. Over 40 restaurants came and sold samplers of their food at affordable prices, i.e. $2 or $3 per item. The only food that I remembered getting was a huge slice of cheesecake that was topped with blueberry jam (sorry, too busy eating to take a pic!). Perhaps these next few snaps will give you a good idea of what the ambience was like – crazy – sooo many people!

Taste of Times Square 2014 in New York City

Crossroads American Kitchen & Bar at Taste of Times Square 2014 in New York City
Can’t remember what I got here. Chicken, maybe??
Taste of Times Square in New York City
Made it to the end of the street.
Taste of Times Square 2014 in New York City
Look at that sea of heads.
Times Square in New York City
Proof that I was there.

This is completely unrelated to Taste of Times Square; I just wanted to capture the essence of just how many people were always there.

People on Red Steps in Times Square New York
All these people sitting there, waiting for what?

Now after a month or so living in NYC, I learned to hate going to Times Square. Everyone was always elbow to elbow, taxis were ruthless, and what drove me nuts – foot traffic was incredibly slow (thanks, lost tourists and other slow walkers). I now know why the locals avoid this place at all costs! However, part of its appeal was there were some things that you can only find in Times Square:

Statue of Liberty Costume in Times Square
I wouldn’t say that was a very impressive get-up though.
Naked Cowboy in Times Square New York
Where else would I find a Naked Cowbody? Actually, don’t answer that.

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