Tate Modern

If you’re a modern art-lover, then this museum is for you. Tate Modern is a huuuge modern art museum in London that is best of all, free. I think London makes up for its ridiculously high cost of living with its free museums, some of which are the best in the world!

Cross Millennium Bridge to get to the Tate

In all, I spent maybe 1 – 1.5 hours in Tate Modern and didn’t even cover all of the floors. Upon stepping inside, I found myself in the middle of what seemed like a huge warehouse because the walls were dark and bare. Not really my taste – the whole “modern art” thing doesn’t always make sense to me. However, once past the central open space, the art galleries themselves looked a bit more traditional. Here’s a quick rundown of my favorite pieces (but didn’t record the name and artist of these pieces, dangit):

Tate Modern Art Gallery

Tate Modern Art Museum London

Tate Modern Art Museum London

Tate Modern Art Museum London

Tate Modern Art Museum London

Picasso Tate Modern Art Museum London
Ok there’s one I recognize – a Picasso
Tate Modern Art Photography London
I really liked this photographer’s series of portraits.

Got to admire a nice view of London from the cafe terrace. The domed building is the all-important St. Paul’s Cathedral and the metal bridge is Millennium Bridge (which also made a cameo in Harry Potter!).

View of London from Tate Modern

Spotted Andy Warhol’s Marilyn
Tate Modern Roy Lichtenstein
Easily identifiable by the classic Roy Lichtenstein style
Tate Modern metal sculpture London
This sculpture may look unassuming, until you see it next to a person for scale!

Tate Modern London

Tate Modern London

Tate Modern London
I remember the back-story of this one: the artist asked people to pop balloons filled with paint using darts. What fun!
How to Books
Witty How-to books in the museum’s gift shop. I need the “How to Stay Sane” one. Come to think of it, I could use them all

After visiting the Tate, I wouldn’t call it one of my favorite museums because the interior design just didn’t live up to my expectations. However, I’d still visit again because must I remind you it’s free, and it holds a number of interesting art that simply cannot all be appreciated in one trip. In the end, I’m going to stick to my American roots and say that MoMA tops all the modern art museums I’ve been to.

Have you been to Tate Modern? What collections and which artists did you most admire?

Thanks for reading!


  • love museums/galleries with not too much crowd

  • Kim

    I’m not huge on modern art, but it’s growing on me. That view from the cafe looks lovely though!