Texas State Fair

It had been more than 4 years since the last time I went to the Texas State Fair. Now that I’m back, of course I was excited to revisit it this season! The only thing I would not recommend is to go during the UT/OU game weekend as I unfortunately did. The place was a crowded mess. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, of course. Then go tailgate to your heart’s content.

Big Tex
Big Tex, one of the creepiest giant animatronics you’ll ever see

Here and ready to clog my arteries with fried foods. #texasstatefair #statefair #friedeverything #texas

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As any respectable fair-goer knows, half the fun is trying out all the new, crazy fried concoctions of the year. I was not always big on that, but this year I was determined to try as many different fried foods as I could stomach (Then go on a juice cleanse for the rest of the year. Just kidding, I could never do that to myself.). It was a whole new world for me when I discovered the food court! Here’s what we tried:

Texas State Fair Fried Spaghetti & Meatballs
Fried spaghetti and meatballs – my brother’s choice, not mine
Texas State Fair Fried Ribs
Fried ribs (and french fries)
Texas State Fair Frito Pie
Frito pie
Texas State Fair Food Court
The almighty food court

Let me just bring to your attention what the banners hanging above the food court says. You read that? Fried bubblegum. This proves we really will fry everything and anything down here. Next year we’ll probably be eating fried shoelaces.

Later I also tried an order of fried chicken skin. It was nothing but salt and salty seasoning.

Texas State Fair Fried Chicken Skin

If I had to rate what I tried from favorite to least favorite, it’d go like this: frito pie (you can never go wrong with a frito & chili pie), fried ribs, fried chicken skin, fried spaghetti. Stick around for when I report back after I continue expanding my palette next year!


Texas State Fair

Now let’s move on to the rides. Honestly, they’re overpriced and not that impressive. But one thing that you have to do if you’ve never done this before is to ride the Texas Star ferris wheel.

Texas Star Ferris Wheel

I used to be able to boast that we had the largest ferris wheel in all of North America until the 2013 opening of the 250-foot Star of Puebla in Mexico (thanks, Obama). Now I can only say that we have the largest ferris wheel in all of the United States. It’s a tough job holding records.

After the ferris wheel and a couple more rides, we saw a tall, white tower that slowly rotates and brings its passengers to the top. It was new to me (no wonder, as it was built after I left for college), goes up a considerable height, and was slow! Let’s go!

Turns out, Top ‘O Texas (pointy tower next to the ferris wheel in the pic above) was 500 feet tall, and I daresay even better than the ferris wheel. 360 degree unobstructed view, all as we sat in an air-conditioned cabin! Now that’s my kind of sight-seeing!

Top O Texas Ride
Our glory and pride, waving in the wind

Top O Texas Ride

Top O Texas Ride
Texas Star
Downtown Dallas Top O Texas Ride
Downtown Dallas
Cotton Bowl Top O Texas Ride
Cotton Bowl Stadium

Top O Texas Ride

Top O Texas Ride
Even a prime view of the surfers. (..?)

Other Entertainment

I was quite captivated by this greenhouse in the fair. It had the most charming little set-up with toy trains and everything! That probably made me sound really dated. Perhaps I’ll recreate this thing as a hobby when I’m a grandma!

Texas State Fair Greenhouse

Texas State Fair Greenhouse

Texas State Fair Greenhouse

Texas State Fair Greenhouse

We stumbled upon a little surprise: this farmer who showed us his mad pumpkin-carving skills from practicing this hobby for over a decade:

Pumpkin Carving Demonstration
Like whoa.

Minions Pumpkin Carving

In another part of the fair, they also have a livestock judging competition. We came in too late, as they were packing up and leaving when we arrived. But still, we got to see some cows, up close and personal.

Texas State Fair Livestock

A beautiful rainbow bid us farewell as we left.

Texas State Fair

Though that day was super tiring, it was so worth it! Friends who are reading this: visit Texas/me during the state fair (end of Sept – mid Oct)! Doesn’t this post make it look so enticing?!

Have you been to the Texas State Fair? What are your favorite fair foods and rides?

Thanks for reading!

  • I’ve been to the State Fair a grand total of one time, and I’ve lived in Texas my whole life. I’m going to chalk that up to living in Houston, and I think that the rodeo is our version of the state fair. I definitely think that the food was my favorite part, my favorites were the corny dog and the fried snickers, but that pumpkin carving guy is pretty awesome!

    • See, I’ve never been to the rodeo. So I guess we’re even 🙂

      Everyone keeps talking about the corny dog, so I guess I’ll have to try that next year! Thanks for dropping by.

  • Kim

    Ohhhh my God is Thomas the tank engine! lol! My brother used to love that show and had a mini thomas train toy 😛 Looks like you got to try a lot of fun street fair foods! Always one of my favorite parts of fairs 😉

    • Hehe what are your fave foods? Through this trip I realized just how many I have yet to try…

      • Kim

        Oooh the favorite thing I’ve tried at a fair was something called an elephant ear. It was this flat bread that was big and floppy and wrinkly like an elephant ear (wasn’t grey though :P), but it was sweet and messy (total street fair food requirement lol) and delish! Buttered corn on the cob always tempts me, but I like to try things that you can’t normally get 😉

        • That’s so interesting! Where did you have it? I doubt I’ll ever spot that in the US lol. And trying rare stuff is the best!

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