The Pantheon

Whoa, seems like it has been a while since I’ve written on the blog, but it was only four days! In that time, I’ve gone through some pretty big, exciting life changes that I may eventually share. But for now, let’s journey back into the past and see some more ancient Roman architecture, huh?

Rome Pantheon

When you mention “the Pantheon,” there is really no doubt which one you’re talking about. In fact, I didn’t know other cities had pantheons until I saw one in Nimes! Clearly the one in Rome is on its own level. Though it is so hyped up, I had no idea why! Well I went and saw it first then looked up the facts later…

I didn’t quite understand the “There’s a hole in the roof that lets in the rain!” until I saw it for myself:

Rome Pantheon
Illuminated by light entering the oculus (opening)

That’s natural light filtering in, guys! How beautiful is that? If it is raining, the water falls into the floor’s 22 virtually invisible holes.

Finding out about the meaning of the building’s name revealed a lot about its purpose. Pan (every) – Theon (divinity): the building was dedicated to the worship of every god.

Pantheon Rome

It was even more surprising to find out that the building is one of the best-preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings. I thought that it must have been retouched or something! I could hardly tell that this was a piece of work still standing from the time Emperor Hadrian commissioned it in 118-125 A.D. Now this was a contrast from the run-down ancient ruins over at the Roman Forum.

Rome Pantheon

Rome Pantheon

The circular interior looked stunning from every angle.

Rome Pantheon

Pantheon Rome

Rome Pantheon

In my research writing this post, I found out that the great artist Raphael was buried in the Pantheon. How could I not have known that?! I am mentally kicking myself right now. And this is why you should do your research first, kids!

Outside the Pantheon is the little square Piazza della Rotonda. The previous night, I enjoyed a dinner across from the Pantheon then stepped out to watch the nightlife unfold. Musicians, street performers, and citizens all gathered in the square and did their thing. It was such a treat to witness “blue hour” in front of this iconic building.

Rome Pantheon


Piazza della Rotonda Rome

Have you been to the Pantheon? Where else in Rome is your favorite spot or would you like to go?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. More sights to see in Rome: Piazza Navona – Where Four Rivers Meet, Ancient Ruins: Roman Forum

  • beautiful place! your photos are so good <3

  • I seriously had no idea that there was a hole in the ceiling of the Panthenon in case it rained! I still can’t imagine visiting a place with that much history!

    • I didn’t know that either until I saw it for myself! I’m surprised that weather and rain haven’t ruined the inside of the building. Truly phenomenal…

  • Isn’t that building amazing? And to be 18 centuries old and look almost as it did back then. Thankfully it has been well taken care of so we can all enjoy it during THIS millennium.

    • Yeah isn’t it crazy how well preserved it is? Even with the rain water falling in? That was such a cool concept that I can’t get over! :O

  • Kim

    Wow, it looks breathtaking during blue hour! I was there during the day and it definitely had a different vibe! Love the golden glowy look!

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