Time for a Gondola Ride!

Ok, who goes to Venice and doesn’t go on a gondola ride?! Of course I had to partake in the most touristy attraction in the City of Water. Sit back and enjoy the ride with me!

All of us riding on the gondola were snapping away – taking selfies. I am such a millennial and have no problem admitting it. 😀

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Nevertheless, I was able to hold off on my self-absorption long enough to enjoy the beautiful views around me.

Venice Gondola Ride

Venice Seen from a Gondola

It’s incredible how an entire city was erected on nothing but marshland and water. Our guide actually explained to us (while I was Standing on History in Piazza de San Marco) about the Venice sinking problem. The city is still standing on the original wooden foundation pillars, but those pillars are sinking approximately 4 cm every century. So, yeah, you should visit Venice before it sinks, but it probably won’t be an issue for those in this generation. Or the next, or a few more generations down the road. However, this is a problem that currently has no solution…

Time for a Gondola Ride, Venice

Time for a Gondola Ride, Venice

These boats are expeeeeensive! No two are the same. Each is a unique piece of handcrafted art. Then they’re passed down from generation to generation. If I remember correctly, it’s hard (and expensive) to obtain a gondolier license nowadays, so what gondolas you see is all there is.

Time for a Gondola Ride, Venice

I didn’t think of this prior to the gondola ride, but it’s a tricky business for the gondolier to not hit his head under all those low bridges! But he maneuvered us like a pro.

Here we are, about to enter the Grand Canal. It is the main street of Venice and one of the major water-traffic corridors in the city.

Time for a Gondola Ride, Venice

Time for a Gondola Ride, Venice

A lot of the gondoliers were stoic (I’m sure they’re tired of us dumb Americans), but luckily mine humored me. 🙂

Gondolier Venice

Time for a Gondola Ride, Venice

In the end, I felt a bit ripped off because my ride was supposed to last half an hour but it ended at around 20 minutes. But, really, it’s for the experience – otherwise I could go row around in a canoe and call it a day. Have you been on a gondola ride? What was your experience like?

Thanks for reading!

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  • I’ve been in Venice more than 10 times in my life (just because it was easy to get there by boat and my mother was afraid of flying, but wanted to travel abroad anyway), but haven’t taken a gondola yet. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    • 10 times!! That’s amazing! What have y’all done in all those times (besides not ride a gondola haha)?

      • Most of the time we were just passing by and stopping for some hours to get a coffee. Other times we were there during Carnival, which was very beautiful. There are a million things to visit in Venice, apart from riding a gondola, from museums to restaurants to churches. So we did that!

        • Whoa, you were there during Canival? That’s awesome, I heard they have one of the biggest celebrations in the world. I didn’t get to check out any of the museums…maybe next time :

  • Mia

    Great photos! I always wanted to go to Venice sometime! 🙂

    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

    • Thanks Mia! It’s a beautiful city, but be prepared for all the tourists if you go in the summer.

  • When I was in Venice I got offered a free gondola ride, I think they felt sorry for me as I was on my own but I declined it. I really regret that decision now! Love you pictures, makes me want to go back there

    • That’s pretty funny! I can’t imagine the gondoliers (most of them looking extremely bored) offering free rides. Maybe next time! Thanks for dropping by, Gina.

  • I didn’t realize that there were a limited number of gondola licenses! I guess it’s to make sure that there aren’t too many at the canals at one time. Venice looks absolutely amazing and I would love to visit!

    • Oh yeah, that’s a good reason, I didn’t even think about that haha. It absolutely is; you’d probably enjoy it!

  • Great photos! Venice looks so beautiful and is definitely somewhere I would love to visit 🙂

    • Thank you! It really is, and I wonder if it looks that beautiful across all seasons. I encourage you to go!

  • Wow this looks like such an amazing experience! Adding it my bucket list for sure!


  • I know I’d go on a gondola ride when I visit Venice (even though it’s “toursity”, I think i’d be fun). Though I’d feel ripped off too if I paid for half an hour and only got 20. lol Love the your shots of all the gorgeous buildings.

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  • You’re right you can’t go to Venice and not experience a gondola ride! I’ve only been on the once – although I’ve been to Venice twice. It’s so expensive though! But worth it! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

    • The price is worth it if you split it with other people in your gondola! Unless you wanted a private boat ride…lol. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Yeah, I also felt a little bit ripped off but those shots are so worth it though! I enjoyed it a lot but my husband was like what that was it?! he felt like it was just getting started at the very end haha!

    • Haha yeah, that’s pretty much how I felt! It was like riding in a boat…but because it’s a gondola, in Venice, the experience was very heightened.

  • Great ride! And I think I may have had the same Gondalier when we were there in July!! I’ll have to check my pictures! It is quite expensive, but well worth it and if anyone asks, you can say, ” yes I did it!”

    • Thanks! Whoa what a coincidence! Now I’m really curious to find out if we had the same guy, haha.

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