Top 5 BBQ Joints in Dallas

Top 5 BBQ Joints in Dallas

After spending a summer in New York, I never knew what I had until it was gone – good BBQ (sorry NYC, you have everything but affordable BBQ and Chick-fil-a). I never craved BBQ before; it was not even one of my favorite foods – but lack of it had changed me. And this is why, when I came back to Dallas, I immediately set out to find the best BBQ restaurants in my city. So now, here are some of the best places that I tried, would try again, and would take/have taken people to. Fork up!

1. Kenny’s Smoke House

Kenny’s holds a special place in my heart, for it was the first BBQ restaurant that I hit up after my aforementioned dry spell. My favorite item to get are their ribs. Their ribs are huuuuge, easily fall off the bone, and oh-so-scrumptious. Sauce game is messy but strong.

1 location: 5760 Legacy Drive #4 Plano, TX 75024

2. Hutchins BBQ

Hutchins BBQ
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Hutchins is special because it’s where I first introduced my family to BBQ and where they fell under its spell. We are not a BBQ-eating family. My parents rarely deviate from their staple 3 Chinese restaurants. So it really says something when after I took them, they wanted to go again without suggestion on my part! Basically, everything here is good but extreeemely fatty. Go when you’re not trying to sculpt your summer bod.

2 locations: 1301 N. Tennesse St. McKinney, TX, 9225 Preston Road, Frisco TX

3. Lockhart Smokehouse

Lockhart is a convenient location for me whenever I need a BBQ fix as it’s located in the heart of downtown Plano. Brisket is always a solid choice, but I also looove their mac-and-cheese! Especially when they put various stuff in it (though the habañero peppers almost killed me once). Dallas dwellers, do not fear; they have a location in Dallas too.

2 locations: 400 West Davis  Dallas, Texas 75208,  1026 East 15th Street Plano, Texas 75074

4. Pecan Lodge

Ah, the pride and joy of the Deep Ellum neighborhood – Pecan Lodge. Get there early, because the line will go out the door! And do a little research while you’re standing in line! I tried the ribs but wasn’t a huge fan because I like it when the meat just falls off, which wasn’t the case here. But ohhh the burnt ends! Get the burnt ends when they offer them! So salty and good – it topped the brisket for me.

1 location: 2702 MAIN STREET DALLAS, TX 75226

5. Baby Back Shak

Just be prepared to eat a ton when going to Baby Back – their portions are HUUUGE! I got the standard ribs + brisket, but the loaded baked potato seems to be a popular choice among my coworkers. IMO, it should be more appropriately called the “heart attack,” as it comes with your choice of meat + butter, cheese, chives, bacon bits, and sour cream. One of these days, when I’m feeling brave, I will get it and report back.

1 location: 1800 S Akard St Dallas, TX 75215

Do you have a favorite that wasn’t mentioned here? Is there a fantastic BBQ joint in your city that everyone should know about? Share in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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