• Very nice. Great picture for this week’s Challenge.

  • I absolutely adore this monochrome work of art!!

    • I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks!

  • Wow. This is very nice.

  • Jenny

    This is a beautiful photo. One of my good friends went to school here for photography, yet I don’t remember her every photographing the school. It looks like a nice place!
    Jenny // http://www.mishmoshmakeup.com

    • Thank you! It was in an art museum that I visited last month. I only took ~3 pictures in this exhibit, so I’m glad that at least one of them worked out!

  • This is a great shot!

  • Excellent shot of an art gallery. The artefacts in the distance look interesting, as if they are crying out for your attention 😀 I hope no one was too disturbed in the gallery taking that shot 😀 I always look nervously around before I snap any photos of an art exhibition!

    • Thanks! As long as you don’t use flash, most art museums are ok with you taking photos (except for in special/temporary exhibits).

  • Love it!!