Hello! I am so excited to introduce you to WONDERMENTARY, formerly known as It’s JPei! I was so excited to share the site with y’all that I couldn’t wait to reach some level of “perfection” before making it public. So please bear with me as I’m still tweaking and buffing up some parts of the site! With that said, it’s still the same old me, JPei/Jessica/whateveryouwanttocallme, behind the blog. All new posts are now found here.

So what are the biggest changes from It’s JPei to WONDERMENTARY?

  1. Site url is now www.blog.jessicapei.com (be sure to bookmark it!)
  2. Name of the site: WONDERMENTARY

The name is a play on words of “wonderment” and “elementary.” It’s a reminder for myself (and maybe even you) to experience the little things in life with a sense of elementary wonder – like that of a child. I hope to not take things for granted, or lose sight of the beauty in all of God’s creation. More descriptions can be found on the About page.

What else is new?

  • I am most excited about the Travel Map, which can be seen either in the side bar to the right, or under Travel -> All Destinations tab. All of my travel posts are mapped on here! So cool!
  • Since I am now on a self-hosted WordPress site, I am open to advertisement inquiries. Please see the Contact page for more info.

What if I follow “It’s JPei?” Will I be able to follow you on WONDERMENTARY?

Yes! You will be automatically switched to follow WONDERMENTARY, so you don’t have to do a thing. However, if you subscribed to It’s JPei by email, you’ll have to re-subscribe here (subscription button in the footer).

Like, tweet, and follow:

  • Facebook: My blog finally has its own Facebook page. Wahoo!
  • Twitter: @wondermentary
  • Pinterest: pinterest.com/wondermentary
  • Instagram: @itsjpei (note that it’s still my personal account)

Thank you for reading – let me know what you think!