Well-Designed Finds in MaD

I work right by the Museum of Arts and Design, and one day I had my camera with me so I popped into the store during my lunch break just to take a look. I highly appreciate items that are well-designed, pleasing to the eye, and functional (this is one of the reasons why I love the MoMA store!). While browsing, I took some pictures of items that fit the bill.

silver metal vase
Beautiful and delicate metal vase

Pretty stones
Pretty glass stones
milk jugs
Proverbial milk jugs

I also really like wood-based objects. The designs are just so down-to-earth (haha) and organic looking.

Wooden coaster
Wooden coaster (set of 4 different designs)
wood design bookends
Fanned out bookends
wooden keyboard stickers
Wooden keyboard stickers. So nice! Going on my wishlist.

One of my favorite finds in this store was actually a book called The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy by Ursus Wehrli. To understand it you must see it:

The Art of Clean Up book
The Art of Clean Up
art of clean up noodles
leaves the art of clean up
chinese the art of clean up

For neat freaks like me where I like everything to have a place and in order, this book is a godsend. When I’m older and have my own place – actually, my own coffee table – this book is definitely going on it.

In all, I hope to return to the Museum of Arts and Design and actually take a look at the exhibits. If the store already houses such neat items, I wonder what the installations will be like?

Have you ever been to this museum? What kinds of well-designed inventions have you seen lately?

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: I did end up going! Read about my experience here.